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EM31 Surveys

EM31.jpgAn EM31 survey has proven to be a cost-effective “screening tool” that can help to identify the lateral extent of drilling waste sumps, flare pits, pipeline spills and any other inorganic anomalies.  It has also proven to be useful for establishing representative locations for offsite sampling controls.

The EM31-MK2 Ground Conductivity Meter will identify apparent soil conductivities of approximately 6 meters below surface.   It does not delineate the depth of an inorganic but rather the horizontal extent of the inorganic anomaly.

The EM31 instrument is digitally synchronized to differential global positioning system (DGPS) which allows accurate positioning of the geophysical data.  Magara uses quality Trimble GPS systems that maintain our ability to lock on enough satellites when sky visibility is limited (ie: forest sites).

EM31-map-sample.jpgAfter scanning a site, we then produce a color image map that a field consultant can use to determine potential areas of interest for drilling purposes.  Lab results from targeted soil samples should be combined and correlated with the findings on the EM map.  See larger sample maps here.


This Technology may require advice and assistance from a professional Geophysicist to design the program and interpret the results. 

If used in conjunction with the EM38 tool, an excellent estimation of depth and anomaly characterization can be achieved.

EM31 Survey being conducted in Northern British Columbia

EM31 Survey being conducted in Alberta

Remote Northern Alberta preparing for an EM31 Survey

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